Mobile Online Casinos

Mobile online casinos are a natural extension of the online casino movement that began in the late 1990s. A large percentage of people carry mobile devices with them on a daily basis, and now these individuals can play a wide range of online casino games from the exact same mobile devices.

Top US Player Accepting Online Casino Sites

A listing of top US player accepting online casino sites. We've deemed these to be the best online casinos to play free or real money slots, blackjack, video poker and other casino favorites at.

Ranking Free Bonus Software Provider Payout % Score
#1 Club World Casino $ 3,000 Realtime Gaming 98.95% 4.9 Review
#2 Silver Oak Casino $ 10,000 Realtime Gaming 98.45% 4.6 Review
#3 Slotland Casino $ 1,000 Proprietary 98.01% 4.7 Review
#4 Liberty Slots Casino $ 777 Wager Gaming Technology 98.48% 4.8 Review

Mobile Online Casinos - Gambling at Casinos While on the Go

Because so many people carry cell phones and other mobile devices with them virtually all the time, it makes sense that online casinos would figure out a way to offer games on these devices. As mobile devices have advanced, smart phones and tablets have become more common, and these are excellent for playing at a mobile online casino. Even if you don't have one of the newer phones, you can still play at a lot of mobile online casinos as long as your phone supports Java programs. Because the Java platform is so common on cell phones that have been produced within the past four or five years, more people are able to play at mobile casinos than you might think.

There are basically two types of mobile casinos when it comes to software. The first is a generic piece of software that was created based on the software platform. This kind of software usually has a low number of features or available games, but it has the advantage of working well on many different types of mobile devices, including older cell phones. The second type of software will be designed specifically for one type of phone or device. Software like this will obviously be compatible with fewer devices, but it will have a much wider range of features. When you're deciding on a mobile online casino, you'll have to start off by looking at the type of mobile device you'll be using and choose the type of software you will want to use.

Mobile devices that have a touch screen enabled are really great for playing at mobile online casinos because they make interacting with the casino games a lot more fun. When you can slide a finger down the edge of your screen to pull down the arm of a classic slot, it's a lot more fun than just pressing a button. This is especially valuable when playing games like video poker where it's more much intuitive to press which cards you would like to discard instead of using a series of arrows to navigate between the available cards in your hand.