Android Online Casinos

When the Android overtook the iPhone as the most popular smart phone in the world, online casinos took notice. Now there are many online casinos that have an Android-specific software platform for their mobile casino. This means that Android owners have a lot of excellent options to choose from when it comes to choosing a mobile online casino.

Top US Player Accepting Online Casino Sites

A listing of top US player accepting online casino sites. We've deemed these to be the best online casinos to play free or real money slots, blackjack, video poker and other casino favorites at.

Ranking Free Bonus Software Provider Payout % Score
#1 Club World Casino $ 3,000 Realtime Gaming 98.95% 4.9 Review
#2 Silver Oak Casino $ 10,000 Realtime Gaming 98.45% 4.6 Review
#3 Slotland Casino $ 1,000 Proprietary 98.01% 4.7 Review
#4 Liberty Slots Casino $ 777 Wager Gaming Technology 98.48% 4.8 Review

Android Online Casinos & Internet Gambling

Android casinos have become very popular since the release of the Android in 2011. Tens of thousands of Android units are purchased on a daily basis, and a large portion of these devices might eventually be used to access mobile online casinos. With its great processing power and a very sensitive touch screen, the Android might as well have been especially designed for playing mobile online casino games. There are a lot of advantages to using the Android for playing online casino games when compared to most other mobile devices, and most of these advantages have to do with how fast the phone can run the software.

The processing power that the Android has creates a situation where it can run more impressive versions of mobile games than mobile devices that have a limited performance. This is one of the main reasons that many online casinos will have an Android-specific mobile casino platform that players can use. If you are looking to use your Android to play mobile online casino games, then keep in mind that you will want to look for online mobile casino applications that were designed specifically for the Android if you want to have the best experience possible. While the Android can run Java casino applications that were designed for the general public, they won't give you as impressive of an experience as online casino programs designed with the Android in mind.

People who enjoy playing traditional online casino games might want to look into getting an Android if they are interested in buying their next mobile device with online casino play in mind. The Android is one of the best phones that a mobile casino player can have because of its incredible display, quick processing power and high-quality touch screen. When you go on the road with this phone, you'll be able to play at Android casinos as much as you want as long as you have a signal.

If you already own an Android and you're looking for an online casino to play at, make sure that you check the Android-specific game selection. Some mobile casinos will advertise one set of games for its mobile platform, but the Android platform may have more games available.