Of all of the games in an online or land-based casino, roulette is the one that the most people have probably heard of. Roulette is so popular because of its basic premise and because of how simple it is to learn to play. However, it has remained popular with seasoned gamblers because of how much depth there is to the play.

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An Overview of the Casino Game Roulette - American and European

Roulette is the best example of a casino game that has a very simple premise that leads to a lot of depth when it comes to gameplay. Roulette is played as follows. A wheel with the numbers 0 through 36 is spun with a small ball on it. The ball randomly lands on a number after each spin. Before the spin, players bet on the outcome of the spin, and winning players are paid out at different rates based on the chances of winning. This is a very basic premise, but the game is a lot of fun because of the many different bets that can be made.

A straight-up bet in roulette is a bet on a single number, and it pays out at a rate of 35:1. A split bet can be placed on two numbers that are adjacent on the roulette table by placing your chips directly on the line between the two numbers, and this bet pays out at a rate of 17:1. Along similar lines, a corner bet is placed on four different numbers that meet at a single corner on the roulette table. Corner bets have a payout rate of 8:1.

There are other bets available as well. With the exception of the green zero or green double-zero, half of the numbers on the wheel are red and the other half are black. With this in mind, players can make even-money bets on whether the winning number will come up as red or black. You place these bets by putting your chips on the red or black squares on the side of the grid of numbers on the roulette table. Players can also bet that the winning number will be even or odd. You can even bet that the number will be 1-18 or 19-36.

With the addition of multiplayer roulette to several online casinos, players can get in on the social aspect of the game as well. Roulette was designed to be a social game that allowed players to easily bet with or against each other on the same spin, and this dynamic adds a lot of fun to what some people would initially think is a very basic game.