Using Checks at Online Casinos

Although paper checks can be a slow method of making a deposit or withdrawal to or from an online casino, they are extremely reliable. Most online casinos do not accept paper checks as a deposit method, but almost all of them use it as an available withdrawal method because they are much easier to send out than to receive and process.

Top US Player Accepting Online Casino Sites

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#2 Silver Oak Casino $ 10,000 Realtime Gaming 98.45% 4.6 Review
#3 Slotland Casino $ 1,000 Proprietary 98.01% 4.7 Review
#4 Liberty Slots Casino $ 777 Wager Gaming Technology 98.48% 4.8 Review

Using Traditional Checks as a Banking Option at Online Casinos

A lot of deposit methods at online casinos do not allow withdrawals. For this reason, having paper checks available as a withdrawal method is important to online casinos. This gives all players a chance to make a withdrawal using a reliable, albeit slow, method that is not dependent on any third party company. Paper checks are recognized at all banks, and since almost everyone has a checking account, all a player has to do is deposit the check in his or her bank account.

If you make a deposit via paper check, you will usually be asked to mail it to a processing center. You will have to wait for the check to arrive, for the check to be processed and for the check to clear their bank. This can take anywhere from five to ten business days or more, and this is why using paper checks as a deposit method is not usually optimal. Instead, paper checks are best used as a withdrawal method paired up with a faster deposit method like an electronic wallet or credit card. If you are forced to make a deposit using a check for some reason, then make sure that you account for how long it will take for the funds to arrive in your account.

Withdrawals using paper checks can also take a while depending on how long it takes the check to be mailed to you. If you need the funds quickly for some reason, then you will almost always be better off using a different withdrawal method. However, if you don't have any other withdrawal methods available, or if you don't need the funds very quickly, then a paper check is an excellent option that is very reliable.

Most online casinos include some form of protection for their paper checks in case they are stolen. If you do not receive your check within a pre-defined time frame, the online casino will generally void the original check and send you another without much of a hassle. This helps to protect you from losing your funds, and it's an excellent service that online casinos perform.