About Payout Percentages

A payout percentage is a good measure of how good of a deal an online casino is for a player. These percentages can be used to show the house advantage on a single game, but they can also be used to show how much money an online casino is taking in.

Top US Player Accepting Online Casino Sites

A listing of top US player accepting online casino sites. We've deemed these to be the best online casinos to play free or real money slots, blackjack, video poker and other casino favorites at.

Ranking Free Bonus Software Provider Payout % Score
#1 Club World Casino $ 3,000 Realtime Gaming 98.95% 4.9 Review
#2 Silver Oak Casino $ 10,000 Realtime Gaming 98.45% 4.6 Review
#3 Slotland Casino $ 1,000 Proprietary 98.01% 4.7 Review
#4 Liberty Slots Casino $ 777 Wager Gaming Technology 98.48% 4.8 Review

About Payout Percentages and Return to Player Percentage

When players are choosing an online casino, an important number that they need to look at is the casino's payout percentage. Most online casinos have payout percentages higher than 95 percent today, and this is very favorable when compared to most land-based casinos that can have payout percentages of 70 percent or lower. For many online casinos to keep their licenses to operate, they have to publish their payout rates at regular intervals based on their actual financial statements. Some jurisdictions require that payout percentages meet certain specifications as well.

Some players are confused about what payout percentages actually mean, so here is an example to make things clear. An online casino's payout percentage tells you how much money in prizes it pays out for every $100 that the players wager. An online casino with a 95 percent payout rate will pay out $95 for every $100 that is wagered, and this also means that they are taking in $5 for every $100 that the players bet. A casino's payout percentage is mostly based on which games they offer and how much money is bet on each game over a period of time.

Specific games can have very different payout percentages. For example, some of the worst bets in Keno can have a payout rate as low as 60 percent. On the other hand, many bets in French or European roulette have payout rates higher than 98 percent. Some payout percentages, especially for slots and scratch cards, are variable and can be set to specific values. Changing these values means that the chances to win different prizes are adjusted so that the average payout percentage for the game will be the set value.

If you would like to know the payout percentages for specific games or for an online casino as a whole, then you have a few different options. For online casinos or online slots, you can just send an email to the support team asking for the payout percentage over the past few months. For popular games that have been around for a long time like craps, roulette or blackjack, you can look up the payout rates for different bets since they are widely published.


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